Latest version: 2.2

 Sirius    17 Nov 2015 : 02:26
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* Latest version: 2.2.
* Released: 17-11-2015.

A refreshed and renewed version has been released, ProvisionIRCd 2.2.
This update focuses on performance and stability, and will therefore not contain any new features for now.
A few bugs have been fixed, and some major adjustments have been made.

Furthermore, I would like you all to report any bugs and problems you encounter.
I would really appreciate that. I strive to make the next release 100% stable and fast so I can focus on new features.

See the included Changes.txt to view all bug fixes and changes.

What is ProvisionIRCd?

 Sirius    17 Nov 2015 : 02:19
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Free, for one thing.

ProvisionIRCd is a free mIRC based IRC daemon. With this, you can host your own advanced IRC server!

Although many IRC people have already forgotten about it, it was once a decently used IRCd.
What makes ProvisionIRCd unique? The fact that it has been written completely in mIRC script.
It is very advanced and has many features, without any unnecessary design/dialogs/mdx/dll's.
Also, you don't need any services packs, because all registrations are saved by the IRCd itself!
The ability to be invisible on the server, that cannot be missed.
And what about automatic updates? Sounds pretty neat to me.

Some other features;

  • Automatic proxy and aleatory blocking;
  • Built-in registration and login system (you don't need any services pack);
  • Strip or remove colors in messages;
  • IRC operator protection;
  • Channelmode +q and +a (prefix (~ and &) can be removed);
  • Easy serverban (/kline) system;
  • Connect password support;
  • Channelmode +f (flood limiter with several options);
  • Invisible (stealth) on channels or whole server for IRC administrators;
  • 'Spy' notices and 'idle breakers' (to track users activity);
  • Sqline system for both nicknames and channels;
  • /ircops command (similar to UltimateIRCd's);
  • /addoper and /deloper commands for easy opers management;
  • Registered channels always in /list
  • Registered channels keep modes and topic when nobody on channel;
  • Valid channels prefixes: # and + (+ prefix creates no op);
  • Support for extended bans (~R and ~C);
  • Exception bans (+e);
  • Invite exceptions (+I);
  • 100 (exception)bans allowed in banlist;
  • Protect modes;
  • Easy IRCd update with /UPDATE command;
  • Easy to configure!
  • Much much more, great for beginners!

This package comes with a very easy to configure ircd.conf file and also a Readme.txt file for total beginners!
It also supports the following:

  • Spamfilter;
  • vHost system;
  • Fixed host cloaking;
  • Flood protections;
  • Very good bots protections;
  • Edittable nick and channel lengths;
  • Lots of usermodes and channel modes;
  • And still much, and much more to discover!

So what are you waiting for?
Head over to the downloads page and enjoy one of the greatest IRC daemons ever made!